Our Philosophy

At PCS Preschool we present the love of God through Jesus Christ to each child through sound, Bible-based curriculum.

We offer a variety of hands-on activities that build self-esteem and prepare a foundation of skills needed for a successful start in school. We help each child develop a love of learning!


We believe in…

  • Developing and maintaining a positive self-image in each child.
  • Growing each child in his or her own unique, God-given talents.
  • Being an extension of the family so that the home and preschool can work side by side for the benefit of the child.

In their words...

- Gabriella

“I like playing with the ponies–golden ponies, blue ponies, green ponies, all the ponies.”

- Yeshua

“I can’t wait to learn to use my scissors”

- Kensie

“I like to play with my friends.”


Flexible Schedule

We offer our families many choices. PCS Preschool serves 3 to 5 year olds in a dynamic learning and social environment. We offer full day or half day programs with 2, 3, or 5 day options. Mornings are our main academic time, with naps, playtime, and stories in the afternoon.

School Readiness

Providence Christian Preschool is a happy place where children laugh, learn, sing and play. They explore nature, climb, run, exercise, and make friends. Best of all, they grow in God’s love under the watchful guidance of a devoted team of experienced teachers who have chosen Early Childhood Education as a lifelong vocation.


At PCS Preschool we equip students to be emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically ready for the challenges of kindergarten. Children learn in their own nurturing classroom but experience the wide variety of a full school setting.

  • Reading and number readiness
  • Focused Seat-work
  • Computer Lab
  • PE
  • Music